How to make dosa batter

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Dosa and coconut chutney

It takes some time to prepare the batter, but once it is ready, you can make a lot of things with it, dosa is just one of them. I will soon be sharing different preparations using this batter, some of which have already been part of this blog such as Plain Uttappam , Oats Uttappam. So lets get started!

Ingredients ( for 15 dosas)
2 cups rice
1 cup Udat dal
1 cup soaked puffed rice (murmur)
[for later use, at the time of grinding]
1/2 tsp methi seeds
1 tsp salt

Wash rice and dal in two separate bowls and pour just enough water so that the ingredients are completely immersed in water.
Add methi seeds to the udat dal bowl.
Cover both the bowls and leave them to soak overnight.
The following day, soak 1 puffed rice 20 minutes before you start grinding.
Grind rice and dal nicely until no pieces are left when you rub some batter between your fingers.
You can add puffed rice to dal while grinding.
While grinding rice, make sure you are not using too much water. Only use just enough water so that the grinder keeps spinning smoothly.

Take a large container, large enough such that the mixture occupies only half of the container.
Mix rice and dal mixture and 1 tsp salt thoroughly.

Cover the container with lid and leave the mixture to ferment for at least 9 hours.

After 9 hours you will notice that the batter has puffed up with lot of bubble formation.
Mix it again with a spoon, the batter will sink in a little bit.

The batter is ready to use, store it in fridge for future use.
You can pair the dosas with Tomato chutney or Coconut chutney.

[Note: Don’t leave gap between each step. The whole process should be complete in a matter 18 – 20 hours, soaking overnight + fermentation]


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